The Awareness Technique: embrace blank mind


Now that you have been practicing the Awareness Technique for awhile you may have noticed that sometimes you go ‘blank.’ Embrace ‘blank.’ You will notice that your mind has stopped… this is what you want!

We’ll call this state: blank-mind.

In blank-mind you are available to your inner wisdom and resources with which to meet the moment. At first, it might even be scary. You may feel vulnerable. You may notice the mental demand you have always had of yourself: to have the answer and have it yesterday.

But trust yourself and your experiencing. Enjoy having ‘no-mind.’ This Zen like place is the hallmark of being available to your depth, your inherent wisdom, and strength. In blank-mind you can yourself ask, “How to I want to deal with this?” Then, wait for your own answer. Blank-mind is being a Ninja, available to all that is you. Blank-mind allows you to respond from all of who you are.