The Awareness Technique: watch out for judgment


We’re talking about The Awareness Technique. As you work to incorporate it into your life, be sure to watch out for judgment statements that disguise themselves as perceptions.

Judgment is a MindFuck. When you state your awareness/perceptions of the moment out loud, if you find yourself using judgments or descriptors then your MindFucker is yanking you out of the moment. Avoid these kinds of statements:

  • “Now, I am aware of an awful pain in my neck.”
  • “Now, I am aware of a pretty pink flower.”
  • “Now, I am aware of an irritating twitch around my eye.”

These judgments and descriptors are the sneaky way your mind is trying to grab a hold of your “here and now” experience and get you back into your “MindFucker”.

This can be tricky. I’ve been telling you to get out of your mind. But in a small way you need to use your mind to monitor what you say without adding judgments or descriptors. It is okay to use a descriptor that gives some specificity. It is okay to use “color” as an experience because we can experience color. So, for example:

  • “Now, I am aware of a pain in my neck.”
  • “Now, I am aware of pink.”
  • “Now, I am aware of a pink flower.”
  • “Now I am aware of a twitch around my eye.”

Just teach yourself to experience the raw sensory data and be specific without adding judgment.