The Awareness Technique: awareness of a thought

Individual Growth

Individual Growth

The last blog post talked about the Awareness Technique.  Here’s a small tip to help you as work to incorporate this technique into your life: be aware of just one perception at a time.

Say your awareness/perceptions out loud.  Keep to just the sensory facts.

Don’t rush – keep the pace of your awareness comfortable.  Be present with your sensory experience.

At first you may notice that you are searching for things of which to be aware. You may find yourself thinking in between your statements and pressuring yourself to come up with things of which to be aware.  That is normal and happens when you are first practicing this technique. These thoughts are your mind’s way of pulling you back into the MindFucking that we are so used to doing.  When you notice yourself thinking, just say out loud, “Now, I am aware of a thought”.  Don’t say the content of the thought, just acknowledge that you are having a thought and redirect your awareness to your sensory experience.

For example, as I sit here writing, my awareness goes like this: “I am aware of tingling in my hand.” “Now, I am aware of the music.” Now, I am aware of coffee taste.” Now, I am aware of an ache in my leg.” “Now, I am aware of a breath.” Now, I am aware of a thought.” Now, I am aware of an itch on my head.” “Now, I am aware of moving my legs.” “Now, I am aware of blue.” “Now, I am aware of a thought.” “Now, I am aware of my butt on the chair.”

Keep practicing.  This technique will get easily and stronger the more you practice.