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Jan Cendese LCSW LMT

Thank you for taking the time to check into my website and what I have to offer you.

My personal motto is to remind myself that, “I create my own reality.”  And, although we can’t always control what happens, we always have “free will choice” about how we deal with what does happen.  I believe that Acceptance/Awareness, Being/Present, Curiosity/Creativity and Desire/Discover are four big keys or the ABC’s in learning how to have a balanced and satisfying life. I have chosen an artistic path in my work with people.  Each of us is a unique creation.  We are designed by our experiences, but not doomed by them.  Assisting precious human beings in creating their own happy, healthy, balanced lives is to champion them to re-design their lives into the work of art they most desire.

Over the past 37 years, I have acquired many skills and tools that I draw on when getting started working with you and developing our relationship.  As an undergraduate I earned a degree in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Philosophy from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have a Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Utah.  I have had the fortunate experience of working in several different clinical settings and I have developed an eclectic and multi-faceted approach to health, wellness, healing and growth.  This means I will be listening to you from a broad and holistic vantage point and can help identify the best combination of tools and activities to support you in your goals.  I have 8 years of experience in Medical Social Work and 37 years in private practice with adults, adolescents and couples.  I have had many opportunities to study with leading teachers in the field of psychology, consciousness raising, health and healing.  I have trained in many specific modalities that I think are particularly useful when one is on search for mental/emotional/physical wellness and wholeness. Some of these specific modalities are:

In my vast experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have found that traditional therapeutic techniques do not always address our issues in a comprehensive manner.  In an effort to address your needs on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, I have pursued training in certain bodywork and energy work modalities.  These approaches have proven to be very useful in facilitating clarity, balance and healing on all levels.  We are in this together; I am always working my program and I understand and have compassion for the joys and struggles that might confront you in working your program.  As your teacher, guide and mentor, I am familiar with a wide array of options to support your direction and goals.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and use my knowledge from this training to guide people in general awareness and in listening to the wisdom of their body.
Some of my training is reflected in the following certifications:

As your teacher, mentor and guide I will work with you to develop practical and effective skills that assist you to expand your awareness, establish clarity and balance and empower your choices.  You will have a chance to become your own best friend and learn to be self-supportive and self-reliant.  You will have a chance to create a more balanced, healthy and energetic life by taking charge of the quality and vitality of your body, mind and soul.

My home is in Salt Lake City, Utah at present.  I have lived here most of my life.  My family and I have also had the privilege of living in Italy for 14 months.  My sons are grown now, one is a professional dancer and the other is a professional actor. I love my art-work with people, moving my body and gardening.

Please always feel free to contact me via email with questions you may have.  I am here to serve you in your effort to create the life you most want.

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