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“Learn How to Create Empowered Relationships”

coupleJoin Jan Cendese – a master communicator, engaging teacher, seasoned mentor,
and a highly intuitive guide for a…

Live 12 Week Tele-Course



Learn from the privacy of your home – how to develop and maintain
safe, loving relationships in all areas of your life, with ease, confidence, love and joy!!!

You can and will experience a deeper understanding and safety with your loved ones.

Learn how to start “Taming the Witch at Work” and manage
the “Tricky Trolls” of the in-laws and your community.

If you often:

  • Feel like no one listens to you.
  • Feel unappreciated and disconnected.
  • Have difficulty setting boundaries and maintaining them.
  • Have surrendered your personal power.
  • Are holding on to anger, shame, or fear.
  • Are stuck in a rut or feel trapped.
  • Feel uncertain about how to honor yourself.
  • Are unclear about what you feel, where you stand, and what you are passionate about.
  • Seek permission and approval from others rather than yourself.
  • Suffer with self-limiting beliefs.
  • Repeat unhealthy patterns and habits.
  • Feel not good enough and insecure.

This course will be one of the most positive investments you will make in the overall quality of your life!

The first 5 people to register and pay in full for the 12 week course will receive a FREE 2 hour One-on-one comprehensive assessment and coaching session (worth $180) with Jan.

money-back-guaranteeI personally back my 12 Week “Creating Empowered Relationships Tele-Course” with a 100% money-back guarantee!

If within 14 days of starting the tele-course you are less than satisfied with the material and not convinced that it will help you, simply email me and let me know.

I will personally refund you the tuition fee you paid – no questions asked!

That’s because I openly and proudly stand behind the material I am giving you. I believe in the effectiveness of the information I teach in this tele-course and I practice everything I will be teaching you every day of my life.



Make the decision now to join me on this 12 Week Tele-Course “Creating Empowered Relationships” so I can share with you the tools and skills that I have learned to facilitate you to increase your awareness which will bring you the empowering option of a “third choice” and feel the truth of who you really are.

Tele-Course Schedule

Orientation to the Tele-Course and Opening Your Arms to Embrace Your Positive Reality – Taking charge of your thinking.

Experience the Acceptance and Compassion Possible for Yourself and Others – Gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to have The Human Experience, The Snowman.

Soar with the Delight of Peace, Wellbeing and Connection with Yourself and Others – Letting go of judgment, practice “isness”.

Feel the Strength and Confidence of Owning Every Part of You – Learning tools and strategies for gaining emotional well-being.

Feel the Joy and Gratitude in Unlimited Experiencing – Increasing Awareness, The Awareness Technique.

Feel the Wonder and Amazement of Being Your Own Creator – I am the source of my feelings, Heart Meditation.

Feel the Deep Self-Support that Allows for Authentic Connection – A new way to think and experience love, The Love Space.

Befriending Your Judgments and Fears – Projection Technique. Create the acceptance you have always wanted.

Hear the Truth and Radiate Authenticity, Warmth and Presence – Listening Skills and Communication Styles, Learning to listen on multiple levels and understand what is possible.

WEEK 10:
Discover How To Be a Communication Champion
– Learning the Barriers and Builders of communication.

WEEK 11:
Don’t Take the Bait
– Learn Reaction versus Response. Smile and enjoy the power of presence and NOT being manipulated.

WEEK 12:
Let’s Review and Brainstorm – Get Jan in real time as a “thought-partner” on those difficult relationships in your life.

What others have said:

I first saw Jan about 10-12 years ago and immediately there was a connection with her. She is incredible at what she does. I took away many new ways of looking at life, a better understanding of how I grew up and a clearer path on how to better my marriage.
Kathy Kuhn
Jan is the first person I turn to when truly troubled or confused in the many difficult times that life can present, especially where families and relationships are involved. I know that she will help me sort through these times with an honesty that could be difficult, yet, in reality is so intuitive and aware, delivered with such compassion and respect, that denial is just not possible. I am deeply grateful for her presence and value her as one of the most unique human beings I have the privilege to know.
Mary Ellen Rayner
Jan Cendese, more than any other professional, has helped me move rapidly toward becoming the person I am meant to be. Jan Cendese, having been trained all over the world, with a broad base of skills to choose from, draws forth an amazing repertoire of tools. Jan seems to find the root problem whether it be physical or emotional, and with her keen intuition, and my own willingness, we shift things into a whole new way of being. the result of her work has meant sometimes subtle and sometimes profound change in my day-to-day life.
Megan Heath

During the “12 Week Creating Empowered Relationships Tele-Course”. You will be able to:

  • Call in LIVE and speak with me, personally, each Tuesday evening at 8pm MT or listen LIVE via your computer. If you can’t be on the call, listen to the recording anytime during the week!
  • Receive a local dial-in phone number and Skype access, so there are no long distance fees!
  • Download of all the calls to add to your personal empowerment audio collection.
  • Download recorded materials and meditations to support the transformation of your relationships and life.
  • Connect with a study buddy (another person who is also doing the Tele-course) for practice, support, encouragement and accountability.
  • Feel connected to others that understand this quest.
  • Receive on-going email support from me!



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Remember, the first 5 people to register and pay in full for the 12 week course will receive a FREE 2 hour one-on-one comprehensive assessment and coaching session (worth $180) with Jan!

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