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Reiki/TAO Energy Work Training Programs

Project Description

Learning to Feel, Enjoy and Expand with The Reiki Energy.

Learn How to Harness the Reiki Energy to Heal Yourself and others.  Get Certified in Reiki Healing with Jan and use your certification to heal areas in your own life or utilized your skills in a professional practice helping others. Contact Jan if you are interested in becoming a Reiki Master to get more information and get started.

Learn to Master TAO Energy Work to Enhance Your Professional Skills and Increase Your Capacity.

If you are currently in the healing arts profession and want to expand your skill set this training will enhance your service to others. TAO energy work was developed by Jan and is an eclectic approach in which she has integrated her expertise in Theta Healing, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Matrix Energetics and Integrated Awareness®.

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  • Date August 1, 2013
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